History and Purpose of the                                            
               Eastern Carolina Vintage Farm Equipment Club

The Eastern Carolina Vintage Farm Equipment Club was organized on February 17,  2001, with forty-five people in attendance.
    We had thirty-five individuals, men and women, joining the Club at this meeting.  It was determined that we would have four
    officers:  President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer.  Nine people were elected to serve as the Board of Directors.  
    Board members serve for a three-year term and may be re-elected.  The Constitution and By-Laws were adopted by the Club
    and official registration with the IRS was established as an Incorporated, Non-Profit organization.

    The purpose of the Club is to preserve our agricultural heritage by restoring and exhibiting antique farm equipment in an effort   
    to educate the citizens of eastern North Carolina.  Also, our financial goal is to provide a scholarship for eastern North Carolina
    high school students with an interest in furthering their education in agriculture.

The general membership meets monthly on the first Thursday night of each month at 7:00 p.m.

    Our annual show, The Antique Farm Equipment Days, is held the first Friday and Saturday in May at the Wayne County Fair
    Grounds.  Our members display their equipment, which includes, hit & miss engines, tractors, or any kind of antique farm
    equipment.  We also have other clubs that have exhibitions at the show.  There are craft and merchandise vendors.  On
    Saturday we have a parade of power.

We have an exhibition at the Wayne County Agriculture Fair every year where we display approximately fifty pieces of equipment.

The Club provides exhibits and demonstrations for students in the public school system upon invitation. We participate in
other events displaying our equipment

Our club meetings and club activities provide a clean family atmosphere.  We do not permit alcohol and drugs at any of
our functions.
Eastern Carolina Vintage Farm Equipment Club
Club History